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The HSI:Urbano Conference is dedicated to the exploration of the issues that contribute to the gap between Hispanic representation in the general population and their representation in STEM studies and STEM roles in the workforce.

Though we will cover a great deal of ground in these explorations, we know that we cannot cover all of it in a single conference.  Not without your help.

We ask that you consider participating in the Poster Presentation of the HSI:URBANO Conference.   We call upon you to prepare a presentation, supplemented by a poster, that addresses an aspect of the Gap – its sources, its solutions, its effects.

Posters will be competitively reviewed.  Those chosen will be on display during the HSI:URBANO Conference this May, and include in the Conference Proceedings made available to the National Science Foundation and every HSI in the country.



Researchers, educational theorists, and educational practitioners are invited to compete. Competitors will be asked to include their qualifications with their submittal.



The Poster Competition will have the following themes:

  • Preparation – what issues affect a school’s ability to help an Hispanic or other underrepresented minority student complete her STEM education? What can be done about them?
  • Workforce Readiness – what issues limit an Hispanic or underrepresented minority student from taking positions in the STEM workforce after graduation? What can be done about them?
  • Performance – what issues limit an Hispanic or underrepresented minority from completing her STEM education? What needs are being unmet that could address these issues?


Poster Requirements:

Minimum size:  18” x 24”
Maximum size:  36” x 48”
Landscape Layout only
Graphics and photography are allowed to supplement the presentation


Poster Use:

Submitter agrees that the poster, if accepted, will be freely used by the HSI:URBANO Conference in photography, advertisements, marketing, and/or reports of the Conference to any and all parties the Conference Organizing Committee deems fit.


Judging Criteria:

Clear message conveyed by the text, graphics, and/or photos
One of the poster themes is clearly addressed
Creativity, originality of presentation, and scholarly merit
The intervention or issue must be at the post-secondary level, including 2-year colleges, 4-year colleges, and graduate education


A premium will be placed on original research or program implementation
No copyrighted materials or unauthorized photography are to be included
If interventions are depicted, a premium will be placed on interventions that are scalable and transferrable to different locations
If issues are depicted, a premium will be placed on those issues that can be shown to have broad applicability to substantial populations of Hispanic or other underrepresented minorities
Issues and interventions that are focused on urban colleges will be preferred

Please register for the conference to submit a poster. Click here to register.

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