The HSI:URBANO Conference will feature four concurrent breakout sessions.

A.  Counseling and Non-Academic Assistance, which will explore the non-classroom issues that affect student performance in class and student persistence (e.g., financial aid, non-college work) and consider interventions that might mitigate the effects of those issues. Moderators:  Dr. Millicent Roth, Dr. Xi Xu, and Dr. Gladys Schrynemakers.

B.  Teaching/Evaluative Technology, which will explore the issues associated with student performance in the classroom setting, and the degree to which technology can be used to improve the performance without the use of devices (e.g., calculators) that provide an answer without explaining the reasoning process behind the solution. Moderators:  Dr. Kenneth Parker and Dr. Hermes Calderon Arteaga.

C.  Internships and Projects, which will explore the issues associated with student work readiness, exclusive of classroom knowledge of theory, and the degree to which an experiential learning approach might address those issues. Moderators: Dr. Feridun Delale, Dr. Fred Moshary, Devin Voorsanger, and Anita Coleman Brown (tentative).

D.  Remediation, which will explore the issues that arise when students come to college with a level of preparation insufficient to pursue their intended major.  Discussion may delve into the issues at the high school level that contribute to the need for remediation, but only insofar as they can be addressed or mitigated at the college level.  Discussions will primarily deal with measures that colleges are forced to implement as a result of preparation deficiencies, what new ideas there may be, and what can be done to make these interventions more effective. Moderators:  Dr. Joseph Barba, Dr. Yasser Hassebo, and Dr, Barbra Lawrence (tentative).

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